Mastering photography involves learning many skills. Many people find learning lighting intimidating due to the extra number of things to take on board, but there is a significant overlap with natural lighting. Although there is more equipment to learn, you have more control. This can actually mean you have less things to worry about during a shoot. If you're looking to learn, or improve, your photographic skillset, I offer a range of options to help.

Online Tuition

Do you have access to a reliable Internet connection? Then you may want to take advantage of online tuition. We can use a suitable communications software such as Skype to conduct an online training session. This works best with conceptual sessions, but can involve practical elements too.

Online coaching will often be more affordable and accessible since it eliminates travel scheduling.

In Person

In person training is generally more intensive. All the conceptual aspects can be covered, but there's a greater emphasis on practical work. I can attend a shoot and work through a variety of topics tailored to the specific goals of the day.

Controlling Your Camera

One of the biggest leaps a photographer takes is understanding the importance of controls such as aperture and shutter speed. But they're just the start of delving into controlling your camera. We'll run through the most important settings and help you develop confidence in controlling your camera.

In person or online

In person or online

Creating & Controlling Light

Fed up waiting for the weather to be on your side? Learn how to create the light you need for the shots you want.

Strike Those Poses

Whether you're taking headshots or vast editorial spreads you'll get better photos if you know how to get the most from your subjects. Take portraits instead of mugshots, make clothes flow instead of hang. This posing session will help you give your photos more impact.

In person. Online rarely.

In person or online

Shoot Prep

Got an important shoot coming up and want a hand getting ready? We can sit down over a coffee and run through moods boards so you're ready to achieve the shots you want. We can talk lenses, lighting, styling, and anything else you'll benefit from.

Portfolio Review

Be brave! Let's talk about what you're doing well, and what you could be doing better. We can run through a number of shots and discuss their strengths and weaknesses. Yes, it can be tough, but it's the quickest way to take the next step in your photography.

Remember, this won;t just be a critique tearing your work apart. The intention is to have conversations about the specific goals and intent of a shot, and to discuss ways you can make your work even better.

In person or online