Kevin Golding - Professional Photographer

That awkward moment of talking about yourself…

What can I say? I’ve always been exposed to and enjoyed art. I grew up listening to The Beatles and The Rolling Stones, a musical background of classics. I devoured books. I watched plays and movies, absorbing them. I’ve wanted that art in my life. I doodled, I wrote, I made things – I needed to create. I needed creativity.

And then I rediscovered photography. I’d played with an old 35mm SLR as a teenager but life got in the way. With digital I found the urge to wield a camera once more. I loved that ability to upload to a computer and see results instantly. I loved that I could shoot for hours and not have to ration exposures based on how many films I could carry.

And the more I shot the more I learnt. Shooting in a studio changed things so much. Suddenly I could craft light, I could make it hard or soft. I could make shadows where I wanted them, I could hide shadows where I didn’t want them. And shadows are something that matter to me. Light and dark are flip sides of the same coin. My photography is often about blending the two. I strive to balance the two even at bizarre angles and ratios. I want to turn light into dark and vice versa.

The final piece of the puzzle was finding the right people. Like most of us I’d grown up with photos being family snapshots, maybe some holidays. To me people were were constants, so when I wanted to be creative with my camera I wanted to avoid people. But there is more to a person, a quality that they can bring to a photograph. When shooting portraits you connect with your subject – you are looking into their very soul and trying to display something of it. When shooting fashion you have more than just an outfit – the styling team give you something grand to work with and then you and the model have to bring it to life. You need to understand the fabric, to show the highlights and shadows, maybe some movement, maybe a mood. You need to know when your model should be a punk and when they should be posh. I feel very lucky, I have worked with talented models and designers from all around the world. I have been fortunate enough to shoot in wonderful locations. I have worked with some of the best in the world and I have grown from the experiences.

I love that a designer entrusts me to showcase their creation. They have made their art and it is passed to me to do justice to their efforts. I always want to do those designers justice. As creatives we are often very self-critical, so I want the designer to see their work looking good and I want them to be proud of their work. I want them to look at my photos and think to themselves what a great job they did, because that means I have done my job.

And so I shoot these things because I take pride in them. I work hard to deliver something I can appreciate. I love shooting emotions, I love shooting style, I love capturing that special aspect that pushes a photo to a higher standard.